Special Occasions

Have a special occasion or celebration coming up? Whether it be a birthday, anniversary, reunion or marriage proposal we can assist you with scheduling a unique and special way to celebrate your occasion!

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Celebrating an anniversary with your significant other? Literally ‘fall in love’ all over again on your special day.

Dan & Jenni Chesini (pictured above in green) celebrated their 1st year anniversary with us

Marriage Proposals:

Wanting to organize the picture perfect proposal? Combining adrenaline, stunning views and romance creates an ideal once-in-a-lifetime proposal opportunity!


Whether you’re turning 18 or 95, jumping out of a plane is the perfect way to have an unforgettable day!

Shelly Donovan brought the gang along to celebrate her special day


Strengthen the bond between co-workers by sharing the thrilling experience of jumping out of a plane together.

We love to see local businesses jump in the blue skies with us! Pictured above are team members from Lush Limo, SLO Chamber of Commerce, Movement for Life and Diablo Canyon.


Congratulate yourself or another graduate by giving the gift of flight.

We love celebrating with graduates! Pictured above is Nikki who graduated from the U.S. Marine Corp. Bootcamp as well as Kathleen who graduated from Columbia.


Whatever the holiday may be – jumping out of a plane ensures it to be a fantastic one!


Taking a vacation or have family visiting? Witness California’s Central Coast from the unique perspective of flying above it.  Skydive Pismo Beach provides a once-in-a-lifetime experience so you can return home with incredible bragging rights!


When the ‘working’ chapter of your life is over, start off the next chapter with a skydive!

Bachelor/Bachelorette Party:

Add a little more fun & excitement to your Bachelor or Bachelorette Party by throwing your wedding party out of a plane!

Bucket List:

Crossing skydiving off your bucket list? What better way to do so then soaking in the stunning views Pismo Beach has to offer.

“We live, we die and the wheels on the bus go round and round” – The Bucket List.


Organizing a family reunion, high school reunion or meeting friends from the past? Make new memories together and jump out of a plane!

Just for Fun:

Don’t have a special occasion to jump out of a plane? That’s okay, we would love to enjoy, play and have fun up in the blue skies with you!