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Skydive California's Central Coast

Skydiving in California is, we think, the best place in the world to experience skydiving! With Californian coastlines that stretch for miles, mountain ranges inland and the Pacific Ocean as far as the eye can see, Skydive Pismo Beach has got some of the most breathtaking views you can imagine.

That's not the only reason to skydive in California. We're lucky to boast some of the best skydiving weather in the US too. We typically get 176 days of California sunshine each year - ideal for skydiving, whether you're coming for the first time or you're an experienced jumper.

Experience Californian Hospitality at Pismo Beach

With such incredible weather and stunning views, it's no wonder Californians are so happy! Experience the Californian hospitality first hand here at Pismo Beach, where our team of passionate skydivers is made up of people from across the US, who came here to jump as much as possible.

We'll do everything we can to help you enjoy your visit.

Make more of your visit

If you're travelling to skydive here in California, why not extend your visit and make the most of everything the surrounding area has to offer?

There's loads to do here on the California Coast, from watersports to mountain biking to simply relaxing on the beach. The area surrouding Skydive Pismo Beach also boasts four golf courses, so tee up and head out for a round or two. We also have more than a dozen city parks where you can relax and enjoy the sunshine.

There are museums, historical sites, shopping centers and one of California's best butterfly preserves. If you're still stuck for ideas, get in touch! Our local team will be happy to help you out with recommendations and suggestions.

Learn more about the local areas we serve below:

Well, I just landed my first skydive ever! It was amazing. Words can't even explain. The employees are super nice and made the experience great.

» Candice L.

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