Watch What to Expect at Skydive Pismo Beach Now!

Freefall averages about 120 miles per hour or 200ft/second — check it out!

How long do I freefall?
The amount of time varies based on your altitude, but you can expect your freefall to last anywhere from 25 to 60 seconds — believe us, it’s a very long time when you’re headed toward the earth at 120 mph!

Can I breath in freefall?
Yes — however the excitement may leave you breathless!

Are the landings hard?
Normally there is less impact in the landing than jumping off a chair. Our instructors will determine whether to land sitting or standing depending on winds and the tandem student — click here to see some for yourself!

How high do we go?
That depends on the package you choose. We have jumps available from 8,000 ft, 10,000 and 13,000 ft — see your options.

What should I wear?
Dress in casual seasonably comfortable clothing like pants and a t-shirt, sweater or sweatshirt — layers! Closed-toe lace-up shoes are required.

Is there a weight limit?
Yes, we can take someone up to 240 lbs. It is possible for special accommodations to be made. Please contact our office.

Are there any age limitations?
You must be at least 18 years old and have a valid ID. We’ve had many active seniors celebrate their birthdays with us well into their 70′s and 80′s — check out Stan!

Can we jump any day?
We jump every day that the weather allows! We adhere to VFR ( Visual Flight Rules ) and safe minimums. Clouds, fog, rain and wind may cause some delays depending on the severity.

What if my parachute doesn’t open?
By FAA regulation, all intentional parachute jumps must be made with a single harness, dual parachute system with both a main and a secondary, or reserve, parachute. Basically, if one doesn’t work, you have another one. The reserve parachutes are inspected and repacked every 120 days by an FAA-certified rigger whether they’ve been used or not. Student main parachutes are packed by a rigger or are packed under direct supervision of a certified rigger. In addition, all are equipped with an AAD ( Automatic Activation Device ) which will deploy if the chute hasn’t been opened during freefall as determined by altitude.

What does it feel like?
We cannot describe the unique sensations you will experience, but we promise it will be exhilarating — like nothing else you’ve felt before!

Is it scary?
It is normal to be apprehensive about jumping from an airplane. The ride up is typically where most students feel the greatest anxiety, but few jumpers report feeling anything but thrill once they’ve left that door!

Should I tip my instructor?
Tipping is not required, but greatly appreciated! It’s customary to tip your instructor after your jump to show your thanks for the entire experience (and safe landing).

How experienced are the instructors?
Our instructors are all USPA qualified and have between 700 and 13,000+ jumps, with over 40 years of combined experience.