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Visit Us at Skydive Paso Robles!

While we would love to have experienced skydivers join in the fun at Pismo Beach, unfortunately the size of our landing area makes it difficult for us to run both tandem operations and sport jumping operations.

However, if you're a fun jumper who lives in the Santa Barbara, Fresno, Bakersfield area and you're looking for an awesome place to jump, we encourage you to visit our sister dropzone Skydive Paso Robles.

The Paso Robles dropzone offers a spacious landing area and breathtaking views of California's famous Central Coast Wine Region. Our facility is just minutes from downtown Paso Robles and the more than 120 wineries that cover the region - the perfect weekend getaway from the city!

Skydive Paso Robles welcomes skydivers of all experience levels. Our staff are all passionate jumpers themselves and have come from around the US to jump here. Stop by and find out why!

You can find directions to the Skydive Paso Robles here.

This was easily one of the best experiences of my life!

» Alyssa B.

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